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If you know your case number you may use it to access your case information by entering it below. If you do not know your case number you may search for your case number using your full first and last name below or your citation number.

Please note that if you would like to make your payment online, your payment must be submitted at least two business days prior to your due date. If your payment is due in less than two business days you may contact the appropriate division in person or by phone. You may also choose to register for traffic school if your case permits you to do so. To determine if you are eligible for traffic school you must contact the division to which your case has been assigned.

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 4.105(b), you have the option to appear in court for arraignment and trial without posting bail. Under rule of Court 4.105(c), bail is required to be deposited if you elect to proceed with trial by written declaration without appearing in court (VC 40902) and/or written not guilty plea (VC40519(a-b)), or elect to pay bail and not contest the citation or appear in court (VC 40510 and 40521).

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